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Predict Time's Person of the Year

Last updated: Dec. 9, 2002

THE CONTEST: You predict who Time magazine editors will pick as the "Person of the Year." Not who you WANT it to be, who it WILL be.
Henry Luce's criteria: "The person or persons who most affected the news of our lives, for good or ill, this year"

2002 Contest
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Read story about Time's announcement of a "short list" - first time in 75 years.

Deadline: Dec. 10, 2002

Prize: one thoughtfully chosen book, shipped anywhere in the world.
Additional tiebreaker criterion - earliest entry!

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Time's 2001 pick: Rudy Giuliani
Time's rationale: "...for having more faith in us than we had in ourselves, for being brave when required and rude where appropriate and tender without being trite, for not sleeping and not quitting and not shrinking from the pain all around him, Rudy Giuliani, Mayor of the World, is TIME's 2001 Person of the Year." See full story.

Of the 224 people who entered, more than 60 guessed right. The winner was selected based on the the 25-word sentence that each player wrote.


The Players
Total: 224
Cities represented: 55
Countries represented: 13 (Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Haiti, India, Japan, Pakistan, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, UK, UAE, USA)

Grand Prize winner (one thoughtfully chosen book):
Diane Brady, NYC
"He might be a philanderer and a bully but Rudy showed compassion and grit when the world needed it most."

Runner Up:
Seema Haria, NYC
"When he was needed the most, he stepped up to the plate...and hit a home run."

Funniest Answer:
Marisa Kakoulas, Liege, Belgium
"Nostradamus said so."

Funniest Answer from a Former Student:

Eliot Williams, NYC
"I think it should be Osama bin Laden but don't think Time would have the guts to put him on the cover. Rudy is a safer bet. And sorry I missed the f***ing deadline, Sree."

Candidates for Jobs at Rudy's New Consulting Firm:
Caroline Callahan
, NYC:
"Because he IS the man of the year, if not the century!"

Tina Biswas, Edison, NJ:
Rudy is the bomb... he rocks my world!"

Disclaimer: This is an independent contest run by and has no affiliation with Time or Goat Cheese Marketers Monthly.

2002 Contest
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Deadline: Dec. 10, 2002

Additional tiebreaker criterion - earliest entry!


Most Common Nominations
Rudy Giuliani: 29
Osama bin Laden: 27
George W. Bush: 13
About five percent
Firefighters, cops, victims at Ground Zero
The Terrorists
Heroes of Flight 93
Bush and bin Laden jointly

Uncommon Suggestions
Day of the Year, Sept. 11: J.R. Wenzig, Pittsburgh
God: Ben Silverman, NYC
Religion of the Year, Islam: Ramesh Shah, Miami
Britney Spears: Joe Marren, Buffalo, NY
Harry Potter: Sandy Edry
Arundhati Roy: Mark Hand, Arlington, VA

How the winner was chosen:

Since there were 60+ tied players, it came down to the 25-word sentences that all the players submitted. Sree and Roopa Unnikrishnan, in a very subjective process, read through these sentences and picked the winner. One lesson learned: too many excellent answers exceeded the 25 word limit!

Press Reaction to Time's Selection:
Associated Press: "Giuliani Named Time's Person of the Year"
Times of India editorial: "Time & Again"
The Australian: "A Squandered Opportunity to Give A Devil His Due" "There Was No One 'Person of the Year' "
Los Angeles Times: "Faux Event of the Year"
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "Time Picks Wrong Man of the Year"

Before the Selection:
Sacramento Bee:
"Osama - Is He Heading for Cover?"
CNN "Voices on Time's Choices"

Bet You Didn't Know:
Time For Kids picked its own Person of the Year (poll of readers)
& the winner: "American Firefighter, Police Officer, Rescue Worker"
Giuliani finished 8th, behind Harry Potter, Bush, "American Soldier," Shrek, J.K. Rowling and Barry Bonds. See full results.

Archive of all past Man/Person of the Year issues:

Person of the Century:
Albert Einstein
Franklin Delano Roosevelt & Mohandas Gandhi

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Winners of's Contest to pick Time's Person of the Century, Albert Einstein:

1. HARRY BRUNIUS, NYC: In a century defined by its technological and scientific advancements, he has done more than any other person to change the way we understand our selves and our universe.

2. KEVIN SINGER, Jersey City: This has been a "scientific" century, and his work has influenced everything from politics to popular culture.

3. SATHYAN PILLAI, Memphis: Albert Einstein was the greatest sage, science's poetic soul and the genius who changed the course of the universe.

A special prize also goes to TIM TOWNSEND, NYC, for his thesis on why Alan Thicke should be Person of The Century.

Thanks for playing!

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