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Last updated: June 17, 2002

Setting Up a Personal Web Site

Setting up a personal Web site with a "vanity domain name" (such as involves two distinct processes.

1. Buying a domain name (translation: "trademarking the name" -- a.k.a "booking your name").
Typical cost: $32.50 a year (cheaper if you pay in advance for longer terms).

2. Hosting your site (translation: "getting a company to host your site and serve it up on the Internet").
Typical cost: $16-20 per month (cheaper if you pay in advance for longer terms).

Below you will find suggestions for buying a domain name and for hosting your site. If you use the service I use, you can combine the steps (see "Hosting Your Site" section below).

Of course, separate from all of this is actually creating the words and graphics <grin>. These are just the things you need to do to upload your material onto the Web. I know some freelancer designers who do this sort of work, if you are interested.

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Buying a Domain Name

There are various options for buying a domain name, but the safest way is to go through the "official" company that has been doing it the longest, NetworkSolutions. It costs $32.50 a year to do it via NetworkSolutions, but you get deep discounts if you pay in advance for more years (and why wouldn't you?): 2 years, save 10%; 5 years, save 20%, 9 years, save 40%. Other companies may offer you better prices, but I have never tried them and don't trust 'em.

Once you have found and bought a domain name, you are ready to then have it hosted (see column at right). You can, in theory, just buy a domain name and not host it -- thus preventing others from buying it.

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If you would like to hire someone to help you produce a basic Web site, let me know -- I have a stable of young, talented folks (mostly former students) whose work is cost-effective.

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Tips for learning about making Web pages

! Read this first !
Hosting Your Site

I use Interland (which merged with my old hosting service, HostPro) to host several Web sites -- including the Online Journalism Awards & -- and recommend it to others. The package i recommend is the True Basic package which is $16.95 a month (less if you pay for a year in advance). You get plenty of Web space for your site and 30 personalizable e-mail addresses, such as,,, etc.

I have found it to be reliable, with excellent features and customer service. It is also consistently rated among the top three hosting companies by HostIndex and Web Hosting magazine.

The best way to set this up is to work with the Interland staffer I work with, Tim Poteet. His personal toll-free number is 866-836-9057. If you are not based in the U.S. you can call him direct at 404-260-8327. If you would like to e-mail him:

Tell him sent you and he will waive the $49 setup fee.

You will get one conslidated bill:
For Interland for hosting and it will include a Melbourne IT fee of $48 (two years of "trademarking" your name - cheaper than Network Solutions price of $63)

Let me know if you use this... FYI, I do NOT get a referral fee!

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Sites that I have helped host on Interland/HostPro:

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