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Suggestions on Hoax sites
Last updated: Jan. 21, 2003

Below you will find a set of links that deal with hoaxes and other pages with credibility problems. Be careful out there! See my tip on staying clear of hoaxes.


Not What They Appear to Be:

Felines & Bearded Men

More from

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Check who owns a site: whois

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Check who's linking to a site:

Further Reading:
Poynter Tip on Tracking Hoaxes

My column on how to avoid being fooled by hoaxes

Jon Dube's tips on avoiding being fooled:

AJR on journalists and Web information
Article by Carl Cannon, White House correspondent for National Journal

My Forwarding Experience
A warning on forwarding e-mail

Report on the Emulex scam that fooled journalists

Simon Hatcher report
USA Today report

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Check the Sourcing:

Patsy Cline music deemed dangerous to women
Even though it was helpfully labeled "satire," a major newspaper columnist ran a story citing this.

Vicente Fox's MBA
Note how mistakes are repeated in old media

The famous Chinese movie title fiasco
See an e-mail joke list joke become fact in The New York Times and elsewhere

The Sunscreen Song
Read a NYT story about Kurt Vonnegut speech that wasn't

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Sites That Deal with Hoaxes

NMSU's Susan Beck & the Web info evaluation guide

Vitrual Chase's checklist for evaluating information

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