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Last updated: June 18, 2002

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Latest: Using Technology to Save Money, Travel writing Web sites, Reporting Tips about South Asia

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The Web

Workshop: "Smarter Surfing: Better Use of Your Web Time"
Taught around the US and abroad

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See Smarter Surfing Links - workshop handout

Tips on hoax sites -updated-
Dealing with hoax info on the Web
+ m
y Poynter column on this

Tips on setting up a personal Web site
Learn how hosting works

Tips on information overload
Dealing with too much "stuff" -- an essay I wrote for

The New Media Landscape
A lecture looking forward -- and back (with Andrew Lih)


Tips on digital cameras -updated-
Thinking of making the switch?

Tips on photo ethics -updated-
Famous cases of photo-ethics lapses

Tips on photography -updated-
Useful links about old-fashioned and digital pix

Web production

Tips on free graphics & free photos -new-
Links to sites offering free photos, clipart, fonts, logos and more

Tips on mailing lists -new-
Setting up e-mail mailing lists

Tips on setting up a personal Web site
Learn how hosting works

Free page-view counter
Get a professional counter for your site

Add Google to your own site
Link send, surveys and more

HTML checkers
Dr. Watson


TechGuru's Tips

Tips on various tech topics -updated-
My "TechGuru" segments on WABC-7 every Thursday morning. Includes my "site of the week."

(latest reports include Real Video)
Topics include:
Pop-up AdsBaby SitesReference materialSearch EnginesSafe ShoppingTravel bargainsDesktop PCsKids' safety onlineLaptop PCsTaxes and more...

Poynter Web Tips

Tips on various Web topics -updated-
Weekly column of Web tips published every Tuesday. Jon Dube of writes one every Friday.


Tips on freelancing
Ideas, sites and more. Send in yours

Journalists' sites
List of journalists' personal home pages

Tech columnists
List of journalists covering the Web and technology

Reporting Tips about South Asia -updated-
Ideas for covering various South Asia and South Asian-American stories

Travel writing Web sites
Ideas from 2001 Society of American Travel Writers convention

Newsroom trainers
List of journalists who do Web and computer-assisted reporting training

Tips on nonprofit sites
A survey of nonprofit journalism sites


Keeping Kids Safe Online
Tips for parents

Home Improvement
For those fixing up a home/apt

Using Technology to Save Money -new-
Tech tips for small business owners

Tips on U.S. government Web resources
Finding city, state and federal agencies + public records

Home Improvement
For those fixing up a home/apt

Tips on baby sites
For new parents-to-be

Jewish interest sites
Variety of Jewish-ish sites

Coming soon:

  • Tips on switching to new media
    How to move over from print

  • Tips on writing for the Web
    Love this medium