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Last updated: Feb. 8, 2005

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Tech Tips for Small Business
By Sreenath Sreenivasan

WABC-TV Tech Guru & Columbia New Media Professor

Adapted from presentations for
Independent Women's Business Circle: "Building Your Business through the Web" (Feb. 8, 2005, Great Neck, Long Island)
American Woman's Economic Development Corporation on
"Using Technology as a Cost-Saving Tool" (Jan. 29, 2002, Manhattan)

  • When most people think technology, they think expenses.
  • Time to start thinking that technology can actually save costs in the long- and not-so-long run.
  • Lesson #1: Computers are dumb. Not you!
  • Lesson #2: Technology gets better, cheaper and easier to use
  • Lesson #3: The more you know about technology, the less likely you are to waste your time, your energy and your money.

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  • Make sure you have a website - and it's updated regularly.
  • Hire a pro to make the site; can you update it yourself?
  • If you can do Word, you can make webpages.



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