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Last updated: Sep. 24, 2001

Useful Sites fo Travel Writers
More to come; send in yours:

Many of these sites were collected at the 2001 convention of the Society of American Travel Writers, at which I presented my "Smarter Surfing: Better Use of Your Web Time" workshop. Attendees made suggestions as I took them down and "published" them immediately onto my Smarter Surfing links.

Many thanks to freelance writer Nichole Bernier for sending in several suggestions from Boston.

Society of American Travel Writers


DOT's monthly report on airline on-time performance, bumping rates, and passenger complaints:

DOT's publications and guidelines on various consumer topics:

Colorado maps, for when writring about skiing:

Flight Trackers:

Cruise Information:

Frequent flier e-newsletter and news:

For fun, for ideas, for tips: ialoffers

IRS's page / guidelines/ reports re. business travel deductibility, plus self-employment issues (important for travel writers):

Everything about I-75:

Recorded driving tours:

Uniting Travel Writers & PR people

Sync your Web bookmarks:

Pick up your e-mail on the road:

Food reviews from around the country; written with bite:

Software: Freeware & shareware, including many for writers: > tips > travel writers