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Samples of Sree Sreenivasan's Work

During seven-plus years on New York TV, Sree has:

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Sample viewer feedback to my WABC work - I give out my e-mail address every week

Thank you soooooo much for the link to stop those annoying pop up ads. When I heard that was going to be your topic of the morning, I held off on taking my shower for work! I just didn't want to miss it. I sent the link to everyone and hopefully they too will be as grateful as I am. Thanks Sree!

I look forward to your tech advice. .........I have bookmarked the page so I can keep up to date on what you have to say...... Thanks Again.....Rose

~ ~ ~

Dear Sree:

Just wanted you to know how much your tips are appreciated. You have made it somewhat easier to understand tech questions and answers. I appreciated your recent tip on savings at the supermarket. It was so easy to access this information. Thanks again.

Debbie Scibelli
West Babylon, NY

~ ~ ~

i took your advise and installed ad-aware to remove gator/gain from my computer. it was wonderful. thank you
ever so much for your help.

Carol McDermott

~ ~ ~

Sree, Thank you so much! How nice for you to personally answer my request and
quite cool (Better than an autograph) lol

The Tech GURU has delivered and Channel 7 reigns supreme!! I will try your
great suggestions. I look forward to seeing you on the AM air!

Thanks again, Steven Arriaga

P.S. My wife Eileen says to say hello :-)

~ ~ ~

We ended up getting my daughter the IPod mini. Keep up the good work!  I love you guys in the morning!
Karen Lorr

~ ~ ~

Dear Sree:

I greatly enjoy your presentations on WABC-TV, but what a lousy time!  In this day and age someone with your knowledge needs to be given more exposure.  We would like to see you at different hours and definitely more often.  Thanks for all your hard work.  Your tips and info re: useful links are most helpful and very much appreciated.
Kindly add me to your newsletter mailing list.
Many thanks,
Joan Green

~ ~ ~

Love your reports. Thanks to you my two sons now appear around the world at
3:00 pm local time on the Keep up the good work and good shooting
to your wife.
Jim Abbott, Ramsey, NJ

~ ~ ~

I enjoy your segments, although they cost me money sometimes. Not only are you a helpful and informative person
but you are a gentleman. Keep up the good work.

Fred Verga

~ ~ ~

From: "Ayala, Mercedes"
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 12:21:52 -0500


I was trying to tell my girlfriend about something you mentioned yesterday morning. You discussed a site that would allow you
to see where the plane is at in flight. She needs this info asap plz. her twin boys are on their way to Jamaica this morning (and she's on pins and needles right now).

u r a great addition to the cast, I've been watching since I was 6yrs old!!


PS: Do you know where Rodger Grimbsy and John Johnson are? They worked with Bill Beutel in the 70's.

~ ~ ~

From: linda smith
Subject: Re: blocked links

Hi Sree,
I downloaded Mozilla Firefox as you suggested. I must let you know that this totally solved my problem of
blocked and frozen links within my emails and web pages.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

You sir are certainly a quality person. Not only did you respond to little ole me so very promptly even
though you ar so very busy, which I surmise through your sites, but you also resolved my dilemma.

Thank you again so very much. Peace to your family.
Yours truly,
Linda Smith

~ ~ ~

I really enjoyed shopping at XTREMEMAC. I saw a report by ABC 7 - Morning Eyewitness News Tech Guru Sree and decided to check it out. It was easy and fun to shop and the products are great. I look forward to future
iPod shopping. Regards, Stacy Coyle

~ ~ ~

I watch you every Thursday and Saturday and have learned a tremendous amount from your segments. The best so far, however, is the Google Pop Up Blocker. I had purchased Pop Up Stopper Professional which was ridiculous! The Google blocker is amazing! Thank you so much. thanks for all of your expertise and research. Say hello to Lori, Steve, Bill, and Janib. I really enjoy having my coffee in the morning watching all of you!
Marcy Schwartz

~ ~ ~

Sree, I run Thanks for mentioning our site. Where
did you hear about us? We just recently had a story in the Wall Street
Journal and your mention today brought in more users than the Journal
story did. Thanks again.
Dan Sondhelm

~ ~ ~

Feedback to "Computers 101" half-hour special, April 2002

"Just let me say that your show was so informative. I can now go and buy
the laptop I know is right for me. Thank you for such a great show."
--Antoinette Galasso, Manhattan

"Great tips & very interesting web-links. Keep up the great work!!" --Noel
Keller, Morristown, NJ

"Very informative, especially for parents."
--Edith K.G.

"Thank you for all the info on the TV today. It will be very helpful to
me, along with all the web pages you mentioned."
--Kathryn Landon

"Thanks for the show today. Even though I am a power user, I learned about
several new sites."
--Jim Sutherland