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Sreenath Sreenivasan is "Tech Guru" for WABC-TV in New York. He appears Thursdays at 6:45 a.m., discussing technology issues, new gadgets and ways to demystify the Internet. Every Saturday at 7:45 a.m., he presents "Sree's Top Three." He also appears on one Sunday of each month at 8:15 a.m.

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Below are the recent segments, complete with tips, links, and a "site of the week"... You can also see the versions.

See the tips and links from "Computers 101"
A half-hour Tech Guru Special
Aired Sunday, April 14, 2002
See poster

2004 stories

Jan 15: Annual look at

Jan. 10: Sree's Top Three Resolution Keeper Sites

2003 stories

Sunday Segments
one Sunday of each month
8:15 a.m.

Dec. 18: High-tech Stocking Stuffers

Dec. 12: Sree's Top Three Cool Flat TVs

Nov 22: Sree's Top Three Thanksgiving sites

Nov. 13: Things I Hate About Technology

Nov. 8: Sree's Top Three ways to deal with pop-up ads

Nov. 6: Spy Software

Oct 30: Thoughts on CraigsList

Oct 23: The Tiffany/Overstock problem

Oct. 18: Sree's Top Three House Hunting Sites

Oct. 16: Spoofing Scams

Oct. 11: Sree's Top Three Nutrition Sites

Oct. 9: Napster's Resurrection

Oct. 4: Sree's Top Three Classic TV Sites

Oct. 2: Wi-Fi for the Home

Sept. 27: Book Buying Sites

Sept. 26: Microsoft to Shut Chatrooms

Sept. 25: Intel One Unwired Day

Sept. 20: Sree's Top Three Homework Help Sites

Sept. 18: Google's Fifth Birthday

Sept. 13: Sree's Top Three Personal Finance Sites

Sept 11:

Sept 6: Sree's Top Three Free Downloads to Protect Your Computer

Sept 4: The high cost of printer ink cartridges

Aug 30: Sree's Top Three Football Sites

Aug 28: Virus protection info

Aug 23: Sree's Top Three Sites for Women's Shopping

Aug 16 & 21: Things I learned from the Blackout of 2003

Aug 14: Building a Better Mouse

Aug. 9 : Sree's Top Three Sites for Fitness Info

Aug. 7: Phishing Trouble

Aug. 2: Sree's Top Three Sites for Traveling With Your Kids

July 31: Downloading Music Lawsuits

July 26: Sree's Top Three Do-It-Yourself Sites

July 23: The World of Blogs

July 19: Sree's Top Three life insurance sites

July 17: Time-Scout Monitor

July 12: Sree's Top Three Kids' Health Sites

July 10: Buying a laptop

July 5: Sree's Top Three Pet sites

July 3: Problems with the "Do Not Call" registry + great virtual fireworks

June 28: Sree's Top Three BBQ sites

June 26: Great Rebate Scam

June 21: Sree's Top Three summer activities sites

June 19: Cellphone Spam

June 14: Sree's Top Three job hunting sites

June 12: TripAdvisor

June 7: Sree's Top Three health insurance sites

June 5: Father's Day gift ideas

May 31: Sree's Top Three home safety sites

May 29: Hi-tech family cars

May 9: Last-minute ideas for Mom

May 8: Cheaper home theater systems

May 3: Sree's Top Three hotel booking sites

May 1: Are extended warranties worth it?

April 26: Sree's Top Three new cool cellphones

April 24: College students getting in trouble for downloading music

April 19: Sree's Top Three translation sites

April 17: Keeping your home phone off the Web

April 12: Sree's Top Three sites for gardening

April 10: Yahoo's new search

April 5: Sree's Top Three sites for information about S.A.R.S. and other diseases

April 3: Keeping Hackers Out

March 30: Sree's Top Three sites for supporting the toops

March 29: Sites for helping kids cope with the war

March 22: Sree's Top Three War News Sites

March 20: Emergency Tech Preparation

March 15: Sree's Top Three Travel Getaway Sites

March 13: Ribbit TV

March 8: Sree's Tops Three bill paying sites

March 6: Weemote Sr.

March 1: Sree's Top Three tax sites

Feb. 27: The world of EverQuest

Feb. 22: Sree's Top Three music sites

Feb. 21: Dealing with junk e-mail

Feb 20: Killing pop-ups

Feb. 15: Sree's Top Three movie sites

Feb. 13: Valentine's Day ideas

Feb. 8: Sree's Top Three discount shopping sites

Feb. 6: Medical sites

Feb. 1: Sree's Top Three Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Jan. 30: Digital photo printing

Jan. 23: Review of the T-Mobile Sidekick

Jan. 17: Annual look at

Jan. 10: Switching to Apple

Jan. 3: Reviews of Xbox games

2002 stories

Dec. 19: Last-minute shopping ideas

Dec. 13: Shopping for a cell phone

Dec. 12: High-tech holiday gifts

Dec. 5: Smart homes

Nov. 28: Online shopping tips

Nov. 21: Tech on the cheap

Nov. 14: Xbox goes live

Nov. 7: Video on Demand

Oct 31: Roomba robot vacuum

Oct. 24: Politcs sites

Oct. 17: AOL 8.0

Oct. 10: ChoiceMail - spam blocker (site of the week:KnowledgeHound)

Oct. 3: Wireless Internet

Sept. 26: Unclaimed Money (site of the week: BigDates)

Sept. 19: Buying Medicines Online (site of the week:

Sept. 12: Emergency Preparations (site of the week:

Sept. 5: Homework Helpers (site of the week:

Aug 30: Software for kids

Aug 29: Gadgets for kids (site of the week:

Aug. 22: Virus protection

Aug 15: Buying a laptop (site of the week: Remote Central)

Aug 8: Harmony Remote (site of the week:

Aug 1: Keeping your cell phone battery alive (site of the week:

July 25: Care packages for campers (site of the week: CoolGrandma)

July 18: Buying a PC

July 11: Prolong your PC's life (site of the week: Worst Case Scenarios)

July 4: Fourth of July ideas

June 27: Dinner reservations (site of the week: RepairClinic)

June 20: Airfare sites (site of the week: Xrefer)

June 13: Sites for Kids (site of the week: AirSafe)

June 6: Father's Day Gift Ideas (site of the week: TimeandDate)

May 30: Online coupons (site of the week:

May 23: Snazzy new headphones (site of the week: DrBeach)

May 16: Cutting down on telemarketing calls (site of the week: NYNoCall)

May 9: Digital Cameras (site of the week: Everything Mother's Day)

May 3: Frequent Flier sites

May 2: Travel auction sites

April 25: Handspring Treo

April 18: Apple iPod

April 11: Poll on NY computer use

April 5: Report on the New York Auto Show

April 4: Car Web sites

March 28: Cheap ISPs

March 22: Two-way pagers (site of the week: 7online Oscar Page)

March 15: Hi-tech Tax Help - Part II: Sites

March 14 : Hi-tech Tax Help - Part I: Software

March 7: Satellite Radio (site of the week: Kelley Blue Book)

Feb. 28: LocalAlert

Feb. 21: Mattress shopping (site of the week: Script-O-Rama)

Feb. 14: Baby Sites

Feb. 12: Valentine's Day

Feb. 7: Accessing Your PC Away From the Office

Jan. 31: Sending Cash Via E-mail

Jan. 24: Video Glasses

Jan. 17: New Emergency Info Site

Jan. 10: NYC's Online Offerings

Jan. 3: Keeping New Year Resolutions

2001 stories

Dec. 27: New Year celebrations (site of the week: Daypop)

Dec. 20: Cheap DVD players

Dec. 6 & 13: Tech gifts - above $100 and below $100

Nov. 22: Xbox & Game Cube

Nov. 15: Online delivery services

Nov. 13: Tracking flights on the Web

Nov. 8: Paying Bills Electronically

Nov. 2: Sites to explain news to kids: &

Nov. 1: Windows XP (site of the week: Ajeeb)

Oct. 25: Samsung I300 Palm and Cell phone combo

Oct. 18: Online job hunting (site of the week:

Oct. 4: The Weemote for kids

Several Sep. 11 segments included: Tech tips, sites on Afghanistan and more

Sept. 12: Sites dealing with World Trade Center attacks

Sept. 6: Cyber Shopping Troubles (site of the week: FreeTranslation)

Aug. 30: Back to School sites

Aug. 23: Cool new cellphones

Aug. 16: Tivo personal recorder (site of the week: Landings)

Aug. 10: Converting home movies to DVDs (site of the week: Project Bartleby)

Aug. 2: Those annoying pop-up ads (site of the week: History World)

July 31: The Code Red virus scare

July 26: BlackBerry wireless e-mail

July 19: Bose Noise Cancelling Headset (site of the week: I Go U Go)

July 12: The E-Bike

July 5: Keeping Your PC Running Clean (site of the week: FindLaw)

June 28: Helping children avoid sexual advances online

June 22: Microsoft's new Office XP (site of the week: Find Same)

June 14: High-tech Father's Day gifts (site of the week: Public records online)

June 7: The best search engine on the Web (site of the week: Just A Tip)

May 31: Kyocera Smartphone combines cell phone and Palm

May 24: Protecting Your PC in case of power outages (site of the week: How Stuff Works)

School Site of The Month
One Thursday of each Month

Mar 2002
JFK H.S. Bellmore NY

Feb. 2002
J47 School

Jan. 2002
Murry Bertraum High School

Dec. 20, 2001
Morris Hills High School

Nov. 15, 2001
NY Institute for Special Education

Aug 30, 2001:
Iona Preparatory School

July 26, 2001:
Benjamin Cardozo High School

June 28, 2001:
Manhattan School for Children

May 31, 2001:
New Dorp High in Staten Island

Every month, I select one Web site of a school in the WABC-7 viewing area and highlight it.

May 17: Internet call waiting when you have only one phone line (site of the week: Consumer World)

May 10: Anchor Steve Bartelstein goes PC shopping (site of the week: Gas Price Watch)

May 3: High-tech Mother's Day Gifts

April 26: Flat-screen monitors become cheaper (site of the week: Online Conversion)

April 19: A look at sites and services in trouble (site of the week: Earth Day Network)

April 13: Medical info on the Web (site of the week: TaxPlanet)

April 5: Buying a laptop (site of the week: Golf Online)

March 29: New free ISP in the New York area (site of the week: Baseball-Links)

March 22: Reference on the Web (site of the week: Internet Movie Database)

March 15: Wake-up calls for the Internet Age (site of the week: Irish Times)

March 8: Tax help on the Web (site of the week: National Women's History Project)

March 1: Vindigo, Palm city guides (site of the week: BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Helper)

Feb. 22: Safe Shopping Online (site of the week: Learn2)

Feb. 15: Travel Bargains Online (site of the week: Vmyths)

Feb. 8: Valentine's Day Online (site of the week: African American Registry)

Feb. 1: Buying a Desktop PC (site of the week: Flight Tracker)

Jan. 25: Keeping Kids Safe Online (site of the week: Superbowl Ads)

Jan. 18: Audrey, an Internet appliance (updated March 27, 2001)

2000 stories

Dec. 21: Last-minute Online Gifts

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